Let’s Make It! Cannabis Oil

Let's Make it

Cannabis Oil: Let’s Make It

You can make cannabis oil the same way you make cannabis butter. Instead of using butter, use some type of cooking oil of your choice and ensure it does not boil.  Just be aware that cooking oil in a saucepan can be prone to scorching. It’s best to make cannabis oil using a double boiler or slow cooker.


  • Oil (coconut oil, olive oil, or another type of cooking oil) – one cup
  • Water – one cup
  • Ground Decarboxylated Weed – 8-10 grams

1) First, create your own double boiler. Place a glass cooking bowl inside a saucepan of hot water and fill the bowl with a cup of oil (we prefer coconut oil). Alternatively, you can use a slow cooker, if you have one. Regardless of your method, ensure the heat is low.

2) Add ground, decarboxylated weed to oil and stir. Allow mixture to simmer [ensure the heat is low or moderate – below 245°].

3) Simmer for four to six hours and stir occasionally.  Simmer for as long as possible to ensure THC is infused into the oil, but let the mixture boil.

4) Strain the mixture into a glass container using a cheesecloth. This separates the oil from any excess plant material. Be patient, allowing the mixture to fully strain through. Once the strained oil is cooled, it’s ready to use. Seal the container and refrigerate.

6) Enjoy the delicious Cannabis Oil YOU just made – delicious!

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