Bud Drop is an organic Cannabis Grower.  We produce the highest quality cannabis on the market today.  Our mission is to push the boundaries of quality control and operations to provide our clients with only the best.  Our weed delivery service will give you the best and most potent cannabis you’ve ever experienced.

We have nearly 20 years of experience in this industry

We have been in the Cannabis industry for nearly two decades pushing the needle in every aspect imagined.  We have been involved in the full spectrum, with a deep understanding of the process long before legalization, paving the underground and curating the culture.  After nearly two decades of being heavily involved and understanding in the industry, nationwide legalization came. It opened up the market for big business. That being said, those same people who built the unique culture and paved the way were pushed aside by many opportunists and bean counters.  


This created a boom in the industry and as we all know, the rise of big business weed. Unfortunately in all that chaos, the culture, and most of those who had set the bar so high already with a world recognized standard (not only BC bud, but Nelson bud in particular) were overshadowed and replaced by an absolutely embarrassing excuse for weed.  I urge you, go to any dispensary and inspect any product on hand. In fact, we encourage you to make the comparison. The product showcased on the shelves of these dispensaries is an absolute insult to the culture and those who paved the way. Not only is it an extremely low-quality-shit-product, it is also full of pesticides and chemicals. The marijuana plant cannot fully develop in such conditions.  With a lack of knowledgeable producers who are backed by years of experience and resources, big business has recklessly scaled and steered the industry into compromise. It is one full of dummies and subpar products. 

The Organic Approach

Personally, If I had to wait 19 years, and my first cannabis experience was supplied by one of these crappy “LP’s” I would be disappointed.  This soulless junk is polluting our bodies and limiting our cannabis experience. I would hate for someone to decline cannabis based off of that experience alone.  

We have supply agreements and relationships with many of the top OG growers who refuse to let our Canadian Green Gold be railroaded into this factoryline “Walmart-style” inauthentic industry.  We at Bud Drop also believe in organic sustainable farming methods–but not because we are tree-hugging hippies. It is because we value the highest quality stickiest bud; and that is how it’s cultivated.  From time to time you may see some NON-organic products on the site. They will be clearly labeled NON-organic; but we set our standard high and ensure quality only after passing our extremely rigorous lab testing.  We are grower direct and here to showcase the genetics / products from some of the top growers in the world. British Columbia– more specifically Nelson–has a very high, well deserved, world wide reputation to live up to.  Let us show you the products that our competition can’t afford to provide due to their profit based business model and/or unavailable supply chain. Fuck these dummy CEOs and opportunists, trying to tell us what BC bud is. Ultimately, it is the customer that decides what quality is and where the demand lies.  Don’t be fooled by big marketing budgets and corny endorsements. Demand a superior product and allow us to facilitate. Let’s get the market back on track !!