Cannabis Butter: Let’s Make it!

Let's Make it

Cannabis Butter: Let’s Make It! 

Cannabis butter is fantastic! It’s a cannabis-infused condiment that you can use in all various recipes that call for baking. Alternatively, you can spread on top of foods for potent marijuana edibles. You’ll need decarboxylated weed, and once you’ve ground it you can infuse it into butter.


  • Butter – one cup
  • Water – one cup
  • Decarboxylated Weed – 8-10 grams

1) Add water and butter to saucepan on medium heat and wait for butter to melt. Once melted, simmer to low (160-180ºF) to infuse THC into butter without burning the weed.

2) Add ground weed to melted butter and stir.

3) Simmer weed and butter on low for two to three hours and stir occasionally. The mixture should simmer without reaching a boil. Lower the heat if it gets too hot. The THC in weed will bind to the fats in the butter.

4) Once simmered for two to three hours, strain the cannabis-infused butter. Place strainer/cheesecloth over a container made of glass.

5) Seal the container and refrigerate for at least one hour to harden. Once hard, cut to remove any excess water.

6) Enjoy the delicious Cannabis Butter YOU just made!  Delicious!

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