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Marijuana Edibles: What are they?

Edibles, What Are They?

Lets Talk: Making Edibles and Learning How to Decarboxylate Marijuana Edibles: What are they? Before you try to make marijuana edibles yourself, it’s important to know what they are and what to expect.  Marijuana edibles are simply food or beverage products that have been infused with THC from marijuana. Some common examples include candy, gummies, […]

Let’s Talk: About Marijuana Edibles

Let's Talk About Edibles

Let’s Talk: About Marijuana Edibles If you want to experience the powerful psychoactive effects of cannabis and a delectably enjoyable method of consumption, nothing quite compares to marijuana edibles. Edibles can affect you in a similar way that smoking weed does. However, the effects of consuming edibles can be significantly stronger and last longer. Edibles […]

Cannabis Butter: Let’s Make it!

Let's Make it

Cannabis Butter: Let’s Make It!  Cannabis butter is fantastic! It’s a cannabis-infused condiment that you can use in all various recipes that call for baking. Alternatively, you can spread on top of foods for potent marijuana edibles. You’ll need decarboxylated weed, and once you’ve ground it you can infuse it into butter. Ingredients: Butter – […]

Skin Benefits of CBD

Cannabis Talk

CBD, one of the active ingredients of cannabis, is recognized for its health and wellness benefits. Rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin A, which stimulates cells to keep skin firm and healthy, CBD also contains vitamin C, which can boost collagen production. In addition, CBD contains vitamin E, which fights free radicals for the […]