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Bud Drop Quality Organic Cannabis

Organic Weed  |  Organically Grown Cannabis

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Looking for the best online Cannabis in Canada? Looking to try out a new weed delivery service? We deliver to all major Canadian cities. Quiet, discreet air-tight. If you can get your weed delivery in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary on the same day! We work to make the mail order marijuana service as streamlined as possible. We aim to protect your privacy and information. We accept E-transfer, safe, secure, and the best way for you.

We Grow Marijuana the way nature intended. No Perservatives. No Nasty Chemicals.

What makes organic weed different? 

Most would agree that the negative side effects that are associated with the high, such as paranoia and anxiety, are significantly reduced to non-existent when it comes to organic weed.  The smell and flavour is far superior – bar none – due to the fuller terpene profile achieved from Recycled Organic Living Soil (ROLS). We have combined the highest standard practices and partnered with quality growers of this growing medium in Nelson, British Columbia and surrounding areas in the Kootenays, in order to offer a menu of the highest quality cannabis that money can buy.  All strains are authenticated and quality tested.

When it comes to putting something in your body, it is imperative that the substances you’re choosing are good for your health. We at Bud Drop take this very seriously. Our weed is held to the highest standards of production. We have set out to combat the toxic, low grade, unauthentically mass produced “Walmart” weed that has flooded 99 percent of the market.  Our products speak for themselves.

Bud Drop is for the first time cannabis user, and those cannabis connoisseur. Rediscover quality and raise the ceiling of your experiences of what quality can truly be.



Quality is the Ultimate Marketing.  

Quality stands after the marketing has been stripped away.

Quality speaks for itself.

We at Bud Drop stand by quality and showcase only the best strains and products.  Through our partnerships with multiple recycled organic living soil farms and globally pheno hunted genetics we are able to offer the highest quality strains that have been cultivated to their full potential. There is a misconception that all strains and phenos of those strains are created equal.  This is completely false and 99% of the market doesn’t want people to know.  

We are a quality driven service that caters to the overwhelming demand of a superior product.  We are very proud of our reputation and even more proud to make available to the public what was once a secret, accessible only to a select few and completely out of reach to everyone else. 

Our company is not profit driven.  Thus we are able to offer a product which requires a higher cost to produce–priced the same as our competitors–through our quality driven loyal customer base.  Organic is all the rage these days and for a good reason. Not only is there a stark contrast in quality, like the difference between day and night. There is also a visible difference in appearance which is the result of being able to achieve a fuller terp profile.  This means that the cannabis is much more flavourful and fragrant. In addition, the consumption of such a product containing no pesticides or steroids, will amplify the flavour profile, smoothness and actual effects the product intended. 

We have thousands of testimonials and emails from satisfied customers and friends thanking us for delivering the true THC and CBD experience without most of the stigmatized side effects such as paranoias and negative anxieties.  Many people have slipped over cannabis due to side effects alone. Though our careful and thoughtful process which excludes the use of chemicals and pesticides, the aforementioned side effects and many other negative aspects of cannabis are minimal to even non-existent.  It is like discovering cannabis again for the first time.  

Many people don’t even realize that they are exposing themselves to pesticides and chemicals when they do not choose organic.  These substances are toxic and not intended to be smoked. Why would your cannabis be any different?  

The majority of these strain varieties and products, if not the vast majority of what is on the market today are not only under devolved, but also rushed to the shelves without even the standard removal processes that one would expect.  This is the downfall; when profit pushes into an industry boom. The truth is that even with the proper non-organic techniques, there is still going to be high percentages of these chemicals that are ingested and consumed by the consumer.  This completely defeats the purpose and masks the desired effects that are unique to the design, not only of genetics, but also to the vast medical benefits attributed to the use of cannabis.

There is a definite difference between high-quality cannabis and low-quality cannabis. Cannabis care is the primary factor that defines quality from the way it is grown, harvested, treated, and processed.  It makes a huge difference in its potency and quality overall.  With all the new players in Canada, since recreational cannabis has become more mainstream, competition among dispensaries should be an issue. But with the mass-cultivation that flooded the market, high quality strains are hard to find. Even Cannabis online, quality differs greatly between dispensaries.  Several factors dictate whether cannabis falls into the top-shelf category or whether it is just low-quality or “dirt cannabis.” One of the key factors in where you buy cannabis.  They have to be people that care. You get what you pay for, so pay for quality per gram, It’s safe, secure, and ordering online right to your door? It’s a no-brainer.